Present Tense: Local Gift Guide 2010

Miami-rific goodness worth unwrapping.

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FOR TECHIE TECHELSTEIN: He and his equally gadget geeky GF dressed up as Mario and Luigi for Halloween, and even though he's got an iPhone case for every day of the week, the Buddy Chub 4 Skin by local design house Friends With You will surely be his favorite.
FOR FIDO: Or the owner who loves him. NYC/Miami hospitality industry vet Jenn Mohr created Sniff Pet Candles, a line of dog-friendly candles with names like "Splendor in the Grass" and "Fart & Away." Bonus: a portion of each sale goes to the Miami Dade Animal Services Foundation.
FOR YOUR METROSEXUAL: He put the "man" in manicure, so give him Salon Vaso's primp-tastic Merry Men package. Manicure, pedicure, 10-minute scalp massage (with hair growth oil) and scotch, all for $80.
FOR SPORTY SPICE: For the guy who loves documentaries as much as Hail Marys, the 30 for 30 box set is a no brainer. Miami represents in this series with "The U," which looks back at the highs and lows of the storied program.
FOR THE FOODIE: The only thing she'd enjoy more than eating Michael's Genuine's sweet and spicy porkbelly is making it herself at home (and hopefully for you). Pre-order a copy of the chef's new cookbook (due in Feb.) and watch her salivate.
FOR HIPSTER JACKIE O: She's sophisticated, but she's also into skinny jeans and Vampire Weekend. Give her the best of both worlds with a pearl necklace by local designer Nektar de Stagni.
FOR YOUR DOODLER: Her sketchbook should be just as cool as her sketches, which is why she'll love a Chubby Book. A series put together by the local ladies of Pink Ghost, each book features the designs of an up-and-coming artist.
FOR THE URBAN BOOKWORM: Yeah, yeah, we know about Scarface and Sinatra at the Fontainebleau. But Miami from the POV of a hip-hop artist? Trick Daddy’s new memoir is out, and it takes readers to a part of the 3-0-5 that isn't all stone crabs and celebs.
FOR THE LOVER OF SOUNDS AND SEA: She loves sticky floored bar shows, but she also loves pina coladas. So bid her a bon voyage on the upcoming Bruise Cruise, which will feature performances by bands like Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Vivian Girls and Miami's own Jacuzzi Boys (pictured).
FOR THE SABBATH-KEEPING BOOZER: He enjoys Passover as much as a prickly pear martini, so do a mitzvah and bring a bottle of local label L’Chaim kosher vodka over for New Year's (because Chanukah's over, ya know).
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