Imagine That!

Radio still alive in Miami with Pure Imagination

It’s hard to deny that there is some fabulous radio out there. For instance, there’s nothing more entertaining than a sweet, pee-in-your-pants funny and then cry-yourself-to-sleep sad "This American Life" episode. It’s one of those perfect examples of spoken literature that needs no moving images to affect the audience.

Thankfully, we have a local radio show that satiates those of us wandering about not actually wanting to spend hours in front of the tube to be entertained. Pure Imagination is the name, and it’s Miami’s answer to all the simple-minded overstimulation of television and party-time mindlessness out there.

Matt Gajewski is the creator and narrator of this dark and funny radio drama. Sometimes using outside actors and collaborators, it’s basically this guy’s brainchild. Pure Imagination is broadcast on 90.5 WVUM, but Matt also does local live readings, so far at Books and Books and Sweat Records, backed by his band Van*gloria. The readings, accompanied by background music, work together to create a mood and tell a tale. The stories often have the feel of a dirty bar on a rainy night. They’re sad and amusing, well-written to say the least.

Pure Imagination has just published their first book, which is sold at both Sweat and Books and Books. It is a collection of Gajewski’s short stories, illustrated by Zach Danesh. You can listen to this stuff anywhere, not just on WVUM or live, but also via a podcast on iTunes or on Podcast Blaster.
Radio isn’t just of the past, it is very much a creative informative tool of the present and future.

So close your eyes and use your imagination.

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