“Rape Game” Booted by Amazon

Amazon has removed a disturbing video game that lets its users simulate gang rape.

The game, called "RapeLay" allows you to virtually "terrorize a woman and her two teenage daughters, with events ranging from groping on a train to gang rape and forced abortions," according to game review site Giant Bomb.

"We determined that we did not want to be selling this particular item," an Amazon spokeswoman said, according to foxnews.com.

Illusion Studio, a Japan-based company, released the violent game in 2006. It was reportedly exclusive to the Japanese market. But this didn't stop a few "like new" copies from popping up on Amazon.

The same company that produced this game also released such family-unfriendly titles "Battle Raper" and "Artificial Girl."

Disturbing to say the least.


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