Rat Bastard Back At It

Rock Opera performs at Tobacco Road tonight

Rat Bastard is back again this week, but in a different format. Last week, the godfather of noise music played at Churchill’s Pub for six hours straight with a rotating cast of some of Miami’s most seasoned and talented musicians. Tonight, a few of those artists honor the producer, musician, artist and scene starter with the opening of Hearing Damage - Songs Inspired By the Life and Noise of Rat Bastard (AKA Rat Opera).

This Opera is more than just hero worship, it seems it's also about collaboration. Rob Elba of the Holy Terrors and Brian Franklin have created this masterpiece to pay homage and Rat himself will even be making an appearance today on stage. Alongside the creators, the Rat Opera band includes Russell Mofsky, Andre Serafini, William Trev and Jim Camacho, Xela Zaid Mr. Entertainment & The Pookiesmackers and others.

Rat Bastard (or Frank Falestra) brings experimental music from all over the globe to Miami each year with the International Noise Conference. Rat’s also the founder of the Laundry Room Squelchers, a band that continues to grace the stages of venues worldwide with their uniquely loud sound. He has produced some of the most successful and gifted musicians to come out of the 305 for over twenty years. Sure his music doesn’t appeal to everyone, but every rock ‘n’ roll child has something they can learn from the man.

If you’ve had an interesting encounter with Rat, there’s room to write your story on the Rat Opera Web site. It seems exaggeration is acceptable and hearsay is good too. It’s pretty certain that if you’ve been shlepping around town for years, you probably can participate.

Tonight at Tobacco Road, get a taste of what’s to come and watch the entire performance on October 3 at Churchill’s. If you’re not already deaf from loving music too much, bring ear plugs and get ready to be impressed. Show starts at 10:30 and admission is $5.

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