“Ready For Love” Star Ernesto Arguello Throws First Pitch At Marlins Game

Would you ever be a contestant on a dating reality show to find love? This is a question that Miami resident Ernesto Arguello had to ask himself when producers for the new NBC show, “Ready For Love” came calling. The answer kind of surprised him, but it was the differences between this show and other popular shows on TV right now with similar themes that helped make him decide to take the plunge.

Arguello was in town this week alongside his co-bachelors Tim Lopez and Ben Patton to throw out the first pitch when the Miami Marlins took on the Washington Nationals at Marlins Park. Latin Beat caught up with the philanthropist to talk about the new reality dating show, why working with renowned matchmakers, Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Matt Hussey and Tracy McMillan makes this a never-seen-before experience, and how his traditional Hispanic parents reacted to his participation.

"The matchmaker component is key,” explained Arguello. “The guys and the girls had three experts with different background giving you three different opinions. First the guys were selected and then they searched for the girls. They were hand-picked by the matchmakers for each one of us."

Executive producer Eva Longoria is not seen on camera often, but she was available at all times to the guys, who have now become close with the former star of “Desperate Housewives. “

"[Eva] isn't on camera much but she was with us at all times. She would be with us after the dates, basically at all times. She was like a dear friend, our hostess while we were in LA. We've all actually become good friends with her. She made the process easier. I don't think I would have had the experience I had, and been as open as I was without her participation."

When factoring in the Hispanic aspect, Arguello admitted that his parents weren't onboard in the beginning. But with times changing at a rapid pace, mami and papi were supportive after hearing details of what his experience would be like.

“Times have definitely changed. Before you used to marry someone from around the block, then it increased to the whole town and now you have access to the whole world through social media and the internet. The more opportunities to meet people the better.

So yes, at first there was some hesitation from my family but they knew I wouldn't go into this just for entertainment. When I explained to them the matchmaker aspect, they got really excited. They went from being really offensive to the idea to hoping for the best for me."

You can follow Ernesto’s journey on “Ready for Love” airing Tuesday nights at 9 p.m.

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