Ivanna Rodriguez Prepares for “Miami Beach Models” Finale

Reality television has taken over the world, and it looks like Miami didn't stay behind on the trend.

Latin World Entertainment launched “Miami Beach Models” in February on NuevOn, the #1 Hispanic original YouTube channel featuring ten Latin beauties representing countries all over Latin America competing for a cash prize of $10,000 and the opportunity to become a CoverGirl digital ambassador.

The Latin model search reality series' eleven episodes, with the 12th and final episode airing Tuesday at noon, showed the women facing incredible challenges including coming face-to-face with animals in the Everglades, underwater photo shoots, and fun make-up competitions using products from sponsor CoverGirl. With only four women left in the competition and their final challenge handed to them by Latina superstar Sofia Vergara last week, anticipation in the Miami mansion is getting ready to boil over.

Mexican model Ivanna Rodriguez served as the shows host and the panel of judges included celebrity fashion stylist Karla Birbragher, beauty expert, Gabriel Samra, and renowned fashion photographer Milcho es Milcho.

Rodriguez talked to Latin Beat about her experience on the show and why "Miami Beach Models" was important.

With all the reality television out there, why was “Miami Beach Models" important to view?

"There are a lot of reality shows right now, especially about models, but "Miami Beach Models" shows the Latina side,” Ivanna explained. “We have a mix of nationalities on the show including Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.”

“It showed how these women lived together and went through difficult challenges together while being separated from their families, their culture and everything that they are used to. You will hear their stories and their struggles.

That is what appealed to the audiences, seeing how Latina women are independent and that they are fighters”

When you took the hosting job on “Miami Beach Models” you had just finished competing in a reality show called, “Nuestra Belleza Latina.” With more than eight years experience as a model, was it easy for you to transition into the role of host?

“The nervousness and the adrenaline of each day as a contestant, of not knowing what is going to happen the next day helped me to become a better woman, a better person, and become stronger. I learned a lot about myself.”

“Now that I'm working on the production side as a host it's a completely different experience. I get to see how the girls get frustrated, how they cry when they miss their families. I have been through all that myself, so I can understand what they are going through.”

When you put together a group of Hispanic women under one roof, even when it's a spacious Miami Beach mansion, there was drama to be had. What was that like?

"Of course you got to see drama! What can you expect when you put together so many women from different backgrounds in one house? They had to work through difficult challenges while they were being pushed to the limit. You saw fighting, shouting, crying and even someone fainted from all the commotion! Just wait until the finale!"

“Miami Beach Models” is doing something different by airing a high quality, Spanish language program via the Internet. Is this the future of programming?

"This show is very innovative and I haven't seen another show like this available on the Internet. The Internet is growing so much and so fast that it makes you wonder if televisions will disappear in the future.

With [Miami Beach Models] being on YouTube, it has the power to reach people all over the world.”

There are so many things assumed about the life of a model. Will this show help clarify this for people who seem to think they know what it’s all about?

"Many people seem to have the wrong idea of what being a model is. This show will help you understand more about what we are about. Our life isn't just about parties and runways. I feel that the models we have on the show will inspire young women looking to fulfill their dreams.”

New episodes of “Miami Beach Models”, which features English subtitles, are available via NuevOn’s YouTube channel via this link.

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