Richie Rich: Pamela Anderson Is My “Muse”

pam and richie
Elizabeth Newman

Self-proclaimed club kid Richie Rich said last night that having bombshell bff Pamela Anderson as the face of his latest clothing line has been a long time in the making.

"She is a great muse, so much personality and energy and heart," Richie Rich said Wednesday night at the debut of his new line Tabloid Hero at Mansion last night as part of the nightlife hub's sixth anniversary. "We always talked about doing something together and never really did until recently."

He added, "Pamela is so sexy and loves all walks of life, and that's basically what my collections are about."

All of the duds in the sportswear-themed line feature a face of other celeb besties he's worked with along the way, most of which have encountered their fair share of tabloid headlines. 

"They have all been out there in the public eye so much and they all create gossip, trends and fans," he said.  "I feel like they are heroes for enduring it all and this line is inspired by all of them."

And judging from his love for exposed flesh and late night hours, Richie Rich's next muse could very well be our own Magic City.

"I love skin and I love the sexiness of it all," he said.  "I come from a nightlife background, and it is very nightclub driven here. I think Miami will embrace Tabloid Hero."

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