Salsa Bringing Miami Singles Together

Salsa Mia at Yuca Lounge in South Beach is helping people socialize through dancing

You can call it "Salsa Speed-Dating."

Salsa Mia at Yuca Lounge in South Beach is helping people socialize through Salsa dancing.

Their classes teach what instructor Alex Ruiz calls, "Miami-Cuban style salsa," where instead of dancing with one partner, you constantly switch partners.

"It's a good way to pick up ladies," said Josef Toussaint, who started taking classes at Yuca Lounge a year ago.

And why be shy about it? The first thing you learn at Salsa Mia-- even before dance steps -- is how to break the ice when approaching a dance partner.

Another thing that makes Salsa Mia different, is how the "Miami-flavor" spills down to the street from a huge window high above Lincoln Road. Tourists passing by can't help but stop and look to see those sweet Salsa moves.

Christine Kerber from Sunny Isles stopped and looked so many times she eventually decided to go upstairs and give it a try. She says she specifically chose Salsa Mia because it allowed her to meet new people.

"You don't have to come with somebody to dance with," Kerber said. "You can come with a group of friends and end up dancing all night."

There are couples who come to Salsa Mia, but they have to be prepared to share their significant other.

"Everyone looked very respectful," said Gregory D' Incelli, who came with his girlfriend Kirstin. "I was very respectful, so I assumed there would be a common commitment to that."

For the record, Kirstin says there was no "inappropriate touching."

Ruiz says even if you've never danced salsa before, there's no reason to feel intimidated. They break up the class into six levels, starting with beginners.

Salsa Mia classes are held Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights at 8:30.

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