Science: Box Is Tastier! (Tell That to Wine Drinkers)

Boxed wine may make the perfect "white elephant gift," but Canadian scientists say it may actually taste better than bottled wine.

A study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry showed that wine in a box, usually in a vacuum sealed bag, actually keeps unwanted chemicals out that can spoil wine. The data said bottles don't do as well.

At Crush Wine Shop on Knox Street in Dallas, owner Jim Larkin doesn't carry boxed wine, but he admits he's tried it.

"It's a little early to go with the box trend I think at this point." Larking joked.

Boxed wine has carried a stigma with wine drinkers as cheap, gross and low-brow. But if any high-dollar vintners end up trying to box one of their vintage wines, people shopping at Crush say, they'd try it.

"I'd try it with two or three of my good friends." Marilyn Mitten said. "But I wouldn't order it somewhere, saying, 'I need a box of wine.'"

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