Scope of Market

Between the many art fairs, the life-size sculptures and giant video installations, it’s easy to get overwhelmed during Basel week. But there is one place we feel right at home, and that’s Scope art show’s Covet Garden. No, not because we have a green thumb, but because it involves our favorite pastime, shopping! This year, Scope added a marketplace filled with artist-made goods, books and live projects to its roster of programs. Curated by Daria Brit Shapiro, Andrew Lockhart of Projekt NYC and our very own Karelle Levy, the bazaar will feature live silkscreening, psychic photo readings, live tattooing by homegrown talent Santiago Rubino and other quirky items. Other vendors include Mark Diaz (Miami), LACE nail spa (Miami), Gold Saturn (Miami), Surface 2 Air (New York) and Ghostly Records (Michigan). Now that’s art we can interpret.

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