Hey Sailor, Sing Us a Tune

The Seven Seas bar attracts hipsters and old folks alike for some killer karaoke

Every Thursday and Saturday, Seven Seas bar in South Miami opens its doors for the hammiest chanteurs of South Florida.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill “Don’t Stop Believing’” crowd; this is Miami -- and it shows.

The local hipsters come to belt out old booty hits of their youth and the regulars don’t leave for karaoke, they join in. You’ll hear everything from salsa classics to Hank Williams, Jr.

And the setting is the kind of stuff RoadsideAmerica.com would die for. In the back room, large nudie paintings embellish the walls. Quirky sculptures adorn the large television, which is usually tuned to sporting events. A ship’s female figurehead hangs from behind the bar and a antique diving suit stands proudly.

Karaoke Miami has been throwing this night for years, and people keep coming back for more. It’s worth stopping by, and the $7 pitchers don’t hurt either.

Get there early -- around 10 -- so you can cue up and belt out your best Sir Mix-a-lot.

Read more local missives by Liz Tracy on her blog, Miami, bro.


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