“Naked Guy” Helps Raise More Than Heart Rates

This weekend Gilles Marini will host the "Rally for Kids with Cancer"

Not since "Psycho" has a shower scene raised heart rates so much. 

Gilles Marini, aka "Naked Guy," is best known for his role in the "Sex and the City" movie as Dante, the hottie who riles Kim Cattrall's hormones into a frenzy with some scandalous lathering.

He then went on to show off his tango hottness on "Dancing With the Stars."

But while many of us have seen his smooth moves -- and his, well, you know -- fewer have seen the other side of Marini: the side that helps kids with cancer. Yes, helps kids with cancer.

[Swoon here.]

Rally for Kids With Cancer, a fundraising event that has taken place in other cities such as L.A., rolls into Miami this weekend with the Scavenger Cup, with Eva Longoria hosting and Marini as one of the celebrity navigators. 

"I can't imagine having one of my kids sick, ever," said the father of two. "So I just have to be compassionate and understand that whatever we can do to help... just turn [being an actor] into very positive things and trust me, you will be able to help the world in ways you never believed."

Money raised this weekend will benefit the Jackson Memorial Foundation, Holtz Children's Hospital and the International Kids Fund.

While Marini will be racing around Miami for a cause this weekend, he said he has plans to buy a permanent home here soon, as he lived here during his modeling days.

"I came here with $400 and a tourist visa. I said, 'well, if anything goes wrong, I can sleep on the beach.'"

A friend offered him a furnished apartment, though, and told Marini he could pay him later. Which he did.

"I have to buy a place here," he said of the Magic City. "I feel happy here."
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