Sexier Dora the Explorer: The Full Reveal

Tween Dora's teaser silhouette had parents up in arms, claiming the creators had made her too sexy. What'll they say about the full reveal?

Nickelodeon and Mattel were originally planning to wait until the Fall to wow us with the full reveal of the revamped tween Dora the Explorer, but after the kiddie icon's new silhouette (revealed last week) had parents atwitter over the sexing up of America's fave tomboy adventuress, looks like their hand was forced somewhat. And thus, we bring you Dora, Extreme Makeover Edition.

So, how bad is it? The micro-mini in the original silhouette isn't as egregious as we thought: It's actually a dress (or, as EW posits, a tunic) over leggings. Definitely more chaste, although do we really want to expose girls to the eye-gouging crime against sense and fashion that is the dress-over-leggings look? They're so young, so impressionable.

New Dora is also dripping jewelry: earrings AND a necklace AND a bracelet. (Will any of these talk? Or will the "talking accessory" thing die with her retired purple backpack?) And finally, there's the hair. You'll recall the original Dora looked like Ugly Betty lost a bet with someone at Supercuts, but that hacked bowl-cut is no longer: New Dora's hair is long, lustruous, and more than a little Kim Kardashian. In other words, Dora will be beating the boys off with a stick. (Maybe it'll be a talking stick?)

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