Sexy Time

sexy halloween miami
The Witches' Closet

If you’ve never experienced a Halloween in Miami, you may be a bit alarmed. And we’re not talking about scary zombies. Notorious for its sexy women, we never fail to kick it up a notch on All Saints Day. Consider yourself warned. Want to join in on the fun? Check out these local costume shops.

Once the sun sets on the last day of September, vintage store Miami Twice morphs into a Halloween headquarter. This place reminds us of our childhood dress-up chest, stocked with everything from wigs and wands to pink tutus. The sizes are also reminiscent of our childhood. Just east, newbie shop The Witches’ Closet takes its job seriously when dressing ladies a little, well, scandalous. Looking for a nurse, sailor or cop costume? The Witches’ Closet carries it—just remember to insert the word “sexy” in front.

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