Sleeping Beauty

PAJAMA PARTY: Sleepless nights of debauchery are finally beginning to take a toll on your body, and honey, we aren't getting any younger. What's a girl to do when loads of concealer can't seem to cover the bags under our eyes? The answer, in this case, is more partying. Canyon Ranch Salon and Spa's Thursday night soiree called Beauty Sleep Slumber Party takes place until the end of the month and promises to get gals looking good again. Mini beauty treatments galore will be offered by a team of experts from the hotel, along with complimentary gift packs, a raffle and lots of service and product discounts. Pajamas, robes and slippers are encouraged. GET IT: 8 P.M.; Canyon Ranch Salon and Spa, 6801 Collins Avenue; RSVP 305.514.7326.

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