South Florida Forecast: First Showers To Arrive Friday Night

Temps will be nice and warm through the weekend

What a beautiful weather week it’s been in South Florida. But conditions are expected to deteriorate as we get closer to the weekend.

The same cold front that moved through our area last weekend and later stalled over the Dominican Republic is dissipating, but the moisture linked to the front is starting to move back west through Cuba and the Bahamas. By Friday night, this area of increased humidity will reach the southern section of the Florida peninsula, yielding the first few rain showers that could plague our weekend weather pattern.

An upper-level low-pressure system over the Gulf of Mexico could play a role too, enhancing cloud growth and possibly leading to some bouts with heavy rain Saturday into Sunday. Temperatures will be in the low to mid-80s through the weekend, with nighttime lows not dropping below 70 degrees.

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