South Florida Forecast: Strong Winds To Continue Through Wednesday

Daytime highs will stay in the 80s

Cold weather seems like old news now that it’s warming quickly thanks in part to a stiff wind off the ocean.

A strong high-pressure system, one of the strongest ones this winter, is located near northern Florida. The difference in pressure between the high to our north and low pressure near the equator leads to the strong wind gusts, as the air wants to rush from the high to our north towards the low to our south.

Expect winds to continue to be strong through Wednesday, with a moderate breeze on Thursday before we see more normal conditions for the weekend.

Meanwhile we’re expecting rain showers to multiply on Wednesday as moisture moves in from the Bahamas. It will be windy with scattered showers through Thursday before drier weather ensues on Friday and continues in the forecast for the weekend.

Daytime highs will be in the 80s and nighttime lows in the 70s until further notice.

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