South Florida Weekend Forecast: Partly Sunny, Highs in Mid-80s

Saturday will bring a sun and cloud combo to our area

High pressure will be the dominant feature affecting the weather across South Florida this weekend.

On Friday evening temperatures will be well into the 70s. It will be mild and mainly clear.

By early Saturday morning, lows will dip into the lower 70s along the coast and the upper 60s in the suburbs. Although a few clouds will pass through, it will likely remain dry.

Saturday will bring a sun and cloud combo to the area with the greatest cloud cover in northern communities. Shower chances will stay low, but not absent. A stray shower could move through the region, but most residents will be able to enjoy the partial sun without sampling any sort of wet weather. It will be quite warm, with highs in the mid-80s.

The second half of the weekend will bring similar conditions. Expect early temps in the 70s to rise into the mid- and possibly upper 80s on Sunday. Partly sunny skies will persist with just a 20 percent chance of a shower.

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