“Step Up Revolution” Stars on Challenges and Excitement of Filming in Miami

“Filming here in Miami was difficult, only because it was so hot!" choreographer Jamal Simms says

Fans of the popular dance movie franchise “Step Up” know they’re going to get awesome moves, a little romance and a resolution to some conflict that’ll be settled by a dance-off.

But the fourth installment revolutionizes the themed films – because it was filmed and is set in Miami. “Step Up Revolution” shut down street and took over local hot spots, just like “Rock of Ages” and “Pain and Gain” did.

Stars of the film were excited to be back in the town they have become familiar with. There are many firsts in this film, which is the big screen debut for leading lady Kathryn McCormick.

“It was definitely intimidating and it’s a different feel than dancing. It’s more exposing in a way, but it was incredible,” McCormick said.

As for her costar Ryan Guzman, he has lethal moves as a mixed martial artist, but he’s never danced professionally.

“The best part was I had so much talent to pull from, her and the other choreographers and the dancers. So it was just an amazing experience,” he said.

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Learning synchronized moves is tough enough, but throw on a leather jacket – literally – and turn up the South Florida heat and it becomes a real challenge for choreographer Jamal Simms, who’s overseen the moves for all the “Step Up” movies.

“Filming here in Miami was difficult, only because it was so hot! And we filmed in the dead of summer and already, dancing takes a lot out of you just in an air conditioned room – so you can imagine what the humidity and the heat and the sun (are) dancing on top of a car!” he said.

But taking on the heat is worth it when you’re dancing on the sands of South Florida.

“It was an amazing experience, it was just so welcoming, inviting and I love the Latin feel out here,” Guzman said.

McCormick liked keeping busy around town.

“This was my first time ever being in Miami for more than just a day and being able to experience it,” she said.

Simms ties that experience into his choreography.

“Walking on Lincoln Road, we have a mob in our movie that takes place in a museum, and there’s so much art, that’s on Lincoln Road!”

The movie’s soundtrack even has influence from the 305, as Pitbull and Flo Rida are featured on tracks with Jennifer Lopez and Fergie. “Step Up Revolution” is rated PG-13.

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