Super Awesome New Republic

Leighton Meester: probably not present. Oh, well.

Awesome New Republic is one of Miami’s most beloved duos, together again with a new addition. Michael John Hancock and Brian Robertson are making their way back from CMJ in the NYC, along with touring drummer Jorge Rubiera. If the popular opinion of Miami's independent elite matters not to you, then pay attention to the media conjured elite opinion of a Gossip Girl. Apparently, even Leighton Meester likes their music, having covered the band’s dancey jam “Birthday.” Besides, ANR has been praised by some of the biggest music info outlets in the country, including Pitchfork and MTV.

Head to North Miami tonight to Studio to check out ANR a few of their talented friends. There’s nothing quite as magical as dancing with Miami natives; we really know how to have a good time. Tonight, there will be no one tapping their foot in the corner, arms crossed. Other performers include one of our best, local electronic acts Panic Bomber, shoegazers Life of Seals and experimental hip hop Nived-n-Hydro. Presented by Honor Roll Records and Overthrow MIA, the Poem Depot will also be in attendance. The Miami Poetry Collective will pound out poetry to your liking. Support our lovely wordsmiths and put their quick and complicated minds to work.

Doors open at 8p.m. at 1415 NE 129th Street, tonight. It’s only $10 a the door.

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