“Survivor” Contestant Brenda Lowe: Miami Summers Prepared Me for Nicaragua

NBC 5 News

When it came to preparation for "Survivor," Miami native Brenda Lowe knew she had an edge over the other contestants.

“Miami summers totally made me prepared for the show," said Lowe. "I felt like I had the biggest advantage -- I was used to the heat, sand and mosquitoes. I went in ready.”

Lowe, an ex-Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, is a contestant on the show's latest season "Survivor: Nicaragua," which premiered Wednesday night.

Arriving on the island, Lowe said she was glad to see a familiar Miami face.

“He is a super nice guy,” she said of fellow castmate and ’96 to ‘99 Miami Dolphins Coach Jimmy Johnson. “I was super excited when I saw him. I can definitely say Jimmy Johnson fans are going to get a totally kick out of how he does on 'Survivor.'“

And she said being surrounded by 10 attractive men didn’t hurt her time in Nicaragua either.

“It’s nice to have some eye candy while you’re out there," she said. "You weren’t thinking, ‘Oh yes—I am going to hook up tonight, it's Friday!’ But, I couldn’t complain to be around nice, strong, fit guys! It helped.”

As the show premiered last night, she remembers all the comforts she yearned for from home while trying to become the final “Survivor.”

“Showering I missed the most. Ice and food more than anything really -- pasta the most. Deserts -- I’m not even a sweets person, but I couldn’t stop thinking about warm berry sundaes. It's definitely nice to be home with my family”

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