Ocean Drive Editor Suzy Buckley Dishes on Her Dream Life

Ocean Drive editor-in-chief Suzy Buckley worked hard but confessed she is living her dream.

The blonde communication connoisseur has had a career that included being an E! entertainment correspondent, a People magazine writer and a travel show host.

“I love what I do and that has always been a priority for me,” Buckley said. “I have been very lucky. I was at the right place, right time and made the right moves."

"I was always taking chances and worked hard."

Though her impressive resume may be fit for a travel-agent-in-training, Buckley said she is happy to grow roots in the Magic City.

“I have literally traveled the world. ... Hosting travel shows was such a great experience. We went all over the globe and to the best luxury destinations.  I got to show people around, do all the fun things, parties, shopping and flying first class. It was a dream.”

But as a Miami-Dade resident for nearly two decades, she admits that there is nothing like coming home,

"Miami is one of the best places on Earth," she said. "I love it here. “

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