Sweet Thang

SNACK ON THIS: Miami survived the gelato invasion of 2001. And we’ve seen enough cupcakes to last us well into 2020. It’s time to put something new on the palate. This latest treat for your tongue comes courtesy of Little Miss Sweet Tooth’s dollies. These little balls of cake are adorable, like petit fours; moist, like cupcakes; and addictive, like, well, crack. Plus, each little morsel comes complete with a cute name to describe its inner goodness. Try the Southern Belle (red velvet), Plain Jane (vanilla) or our personal favorite, Snow Bunny (strawberry covered in vanilla). After just one bite, your sweet tooth will say so long, cupcakes, hello cake balls of bliss. GET IT: A dozen of three different flavors for $16. 305 Alcazar Ave., Ste. 2, Coral Gables


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