Switch It Up

CH-CH-CH-CHANGES: What if we said you could have a new pair of shoes every day or the week for as little as $12? And no, we didn’t forget to add a number before the $12, either. Lindsay Phillips created a line of ballet flats that are as diverse as a new pair of shoes every day. And, they’re comfortable, too. (No more “my big toes feels like it got crushed under a tire syndrome.” To get more ballet for your buck, just start with a black or gold Napa leather ballet flat, then, decide how you’re going to dress it up or down with snaps for just $12 a pair. Sparkles, bows, flowers, there’s a little something for whatever mood you’re in. All that’s left to do is pop on your snaps and get moving. Everyone at your office will think you’re the Imelda Marcos of ballet flats. If they only knew. GET IT:  $64 for flats, $12 for snaps. Switchflops.com.


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