The 411 on 101

This is your introduction to Spa 101.

Despite luxury brand names like Hilton and Bentley in the title of the building where it’s housed, the new spa at the Hilton Bentley, Spa 101, downsizes on frills and takes a less-is-more approach to rejuvenation. Forget that team of Swedish masseurs rubbing you from head-to-toe, Owner Iris Van de Coevering gets to know clients first hand (literally) by administering many of the treatments herself in the two-room only spa.

As points out, Spa 101, located on the fourth floor, isn’t the first or even second spa to set up shop at the hotel. Many have come and gone. So what does Spa 101 have on the menu to give it staying power? The 10-minute, $15 Sunblock Application will prevent our tourists from looking like bikini-covered burn victims, while the 40-minute Hair Spa ($70) will wash that chlorine-green right out of their hair. And for the tourists who didn’t get the sunscreen memo, there’s also a 20-minute After-Sun Cooling Mask at $35 a pop—although we find a tub of plain yogurt from your local Publix costs a lot less and curbs the sting just as fast.


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