The Beauty Beat: 11/6-11/12

Read the signs, step into the salon and try a new method.

This week, accessorize with your astrological sign with Strange Invisible Perfumes and Gala By Daniela Swaebe. Then, mani pedi up at Nails 111, and give fitness a go with The Newton Method.

BEAUTY: Need a new perfume? Want something that suits your personality? Sign up for Strange Invisible Perfumes’ latest launch, Astrological Fragrances. The idea is to wear the scent that matches up with your sign. First up, Strange Invisible Perfumes introduced Virgo. But, as the months progress, look for the limited-edition line to include the other 12 signs, each launching on a monthly basis. Expect a bouquet of scents like neroli, baked earth, sandalwood, jasmine and mandarin inside the engraved bottle ($275). GET IT: ELLE Spa at Eden Rock, 4525 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. 305.531.0000.

After you’ve spritzed, reinforce the power of your sign with a bauble from Daniela Swaebe’s collection launch. Among its many glitz and glamour options (with prices ranging from $75 for earrings, $125 for necklaces, $100 bracelets and $85 rings), Gala by Daniela Swaebe features double-chained Zodiac necklaces boasting your astrological sign, complete with just a hint of shimmer to catch the eye of that compatible symbol across the room. Stars like Demi Lovato and Jennifer Lopez, both fans of the line, now know you never have to answer that silly “what’s your sign” question ever again. GET IT:

SPA: I’ve lived in Miami for quite some time. And I consider myself a mani/pedi maven. Yet, somehow, I’ve missed the boat on Nails 111. This hidden gem, parked on First Street, just celebrated its three year anniversary in October. Upon entering, you’re greeted by lavender tones, chandeliers and flowing white curtains. To the left, find a blow out bar (prices ranging from $35 to $99 for a package of four). In the middle, find an assortment of salon goodies to stock up on, and be sure to sit a spell at the mani/pedi stations to the right, which, thanks to my manicurist Tati, lives up to expectations. Prices for manis range from $17 for a “quickie” and go up to $40 for Shellac services. Test out the Highway to Heaven mani/pedi combo for $49 for a full-service buff, scrub and polish. Nails 111 also offers brow services ($15) and spray tanning ($40), because the recent bout of rain really has done a number on your golden girl status. Plus, Nails 111 has a package deal with Green Monkey For $59, get a mani /pedi and blowout, plus a yoga session at the monkey-loving yoga studio. Fitness and fabulousness, we love that. GET IT: 111 Alton Road, Miami Beach; 305.538.0000.     

Just when you thought CrossFit was the most awesome form of workout torture (and we say that with love), a little something called The Newton Method worked its way into the fitness world. Still haven’t checked it out? Wondering what The Newton Method is? It’s a warehouse of fitness with indoor rowing, indoor cycling and athletic floor work. And it’s ready to make you sweat. The Newton Method relies on Newton’s Law of Motion as its motto: First Law: “A body in motion stays in motion, unless acted upon by an external force.” Second Law: “Force = mass x times acceleration” (F = ma). Third Law: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” And its namesake also comes from owner Chris Newton. Are you ready to put a little physics into your fitness routine? We think you are. Classes start at $18 and monthly unlimited classes are $150. Check it out. GET IT: 7150 S.W. 62nd Ave., South Miami; 305.667.7779.   

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