The Beauty Beat: 8/28-9/3

Clean up, customize and crawl this week.

Before you bid adios to August, be sure to scoop up what’s left of Spa Month deals, like these at the Spa at Grove Isle. Then, usher in September with new offerings, like these green options from Lush. Speaking of green, challenge yourself with the Green Monkey Mat Crawl for an ultimate month of yoga benefits.

BEAUTY: With minimal and recycled packaging, Lush’s latest products make for easy gym bag essentials. Tired of toting around a traveling toothpaste tube? Dirty Toothy Tabs ($3.95 for 40 tabs) prevent those tubes from becoming part of your local Mount Trashmore’s heap, and they make squeezing out that last bit a thing of the past. Just crush up the solid tabs in your mouth, then brush as normal to clean your teeth. The tabs come in a recycled box, and they’re vegan. Also vegan, the Greeench Deodorant ($9.95) uses microfine magnesium, trisilicate and sodium to keep you feeling fresh. Apply to underarms, back, feet, anywhere that feels the heat. With rosemary, tea tree, sage and clubmoss, you’ll stay smelling fresh as a daisy. GET IT: LUSH Aventura Mall, 19575 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura; 305.935.7022.     

SPA: Spa Month’s calendar days are almost up. Time to cash in while you still can. The Spa at Grove Isle is offering Custom Massages for $99 until August 31. Need a little more time on your neck? Shoulders knotted beyond belief? Lower back all crunched up from sitting in your office chair? The therapists at The Spa will give you what you need where you need it. It’s 80-minutes of you-directed massage relief alternating between Swedish and deep tissue techniques. Plus, you can still score a Skin Firming Rejuvenation Facial and Body & Sole Indulgence massage and foot scrub with reflexology, all for $99 each. Spa up before these treatments are as good as gone. GET IT: Four Grove Isle Drive, Coconut Grove; 305.860.4308.

GYM: This September, you’ve got 30 days. So what are you going to do with them? We suggest heading over to Green Monkey and signing up for the second Yoga Month Mat Crawl. In celebration of National Yoga Month, Green Monkey is inviting you to try out 30 teachers in 30 days at any and all of its tree house locations. There’s even a CrossFit class added to the crawl in case you’re a glutton for punishment. (We kid.) The $35 sign-up fee includes a Green Monkey tee and 20 percent off merch during the month of September at Green Monkey, plus the first 50 people to sign up get a gift certificate to Whole Foods. Winners who make it through the 30 day/30 teacher challenge will be awarded a one-month free membership. Ready to take it to the next level? Green Monkey is adding a fundraiser to the crawl this year, with funds going to 305 Spiritual Gangsters, a Miami-based non-profit that uses yoga to help people at risk or in crisis. Raise the most money and complete the crawl and you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a grand prize valued at more than $5,000. Sign up before September 1 at your local tree house in Miami Beach, South Miami or Midtown. Or, get registered online at On your mark, get set, crawl. GET IT: For a schedule of classes and addresses to each tree house, log on to



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