The Cat’s Meow

M.A.C. Cosmetics

HELLO KITTY: No, M.A.C. has not created a makeup line for your kitty. (Think about how hard it would be to get her to hold still for a little mascara.) Instead, the beauty brand created a line of makeup for you inspired by furry felines called Fabulous Felines. Taking cues from the colors and textures of pedigree pussycats, the collection draws inspiration from the chocolate-colored Burmese, the red and rebellious Ocicat and the soft sable Russian Blue. Get kitty pretty with The Soft Meow Mineralize Blush, On the Hunt Superslick Liquid Eye Liner, Showstopper Eye Shadow from the Burmese Beauty Eye Shadow x 4 set, To Pamper Lipstick and Spree Lipglass. You’ll be batting your paws to keep the toms away. GET IT: 1107 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach; 305.538.1088.


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