The Daily Mix: A Closer Look at the Top Stories for Wednesday, October 17

What to Know

  • Wednesday is here, South Florida – and NBC 6 has the stories you need to know.

Wednesday is here, South Florida – and NBC 6 has the stories you need to know.

Weather wise, passing morning showers will lead to a dry and humid Wednesday afternoon across South Florida with high temps in the upper 80s

No. 1 – Dwyane Wade starts final season as Miami Heat open their season

The heat is certainly but it will be bittersweet as it will be the last dance for Wade, who will have his last first game tonight in Orlando against the Magic at 7 p.m.

No. 2 – New Kids on the Block move tour location to bigger South Florida venue

Block heads, I know you've been "hanging tough" waiting for the band to say hey, "let’s try it again" - "please don't go girl" because "if you go away" I don't know how I’ll make it through "tonight”, "I’ll be loving you" “step by step” - and they're showing that "baby i believe in you" - with a "remix" of their July 2019 South Florida concert. You'll feel like a "cover girl" the day after the show as tickets go on sale this Friday - "call if you want" even if it's "2 in the morning".

No. 3 – Massive alligator spotted on Florida golf course again

Most of you have seen large alligators, but you probably haven't come across "Chubbs." The monster-sized gator apparently lives around a course in Palmetto near Sarasota. He almost looks like a dinosaur, but that didn't scare the man who shot this video. Employees say Chubbs has been roaming the course for years - he doesn't bother anybody and they don't bother him.

No. 4 – No winner in Mega Millions as jackpot now over $860 million

Here are the winning numbers last night to win: 3, 45, 49, 61, 69 and 9. Not a single person picked all those numbers. Your next chance to play and possibly win is this Friday the 19th at 11pm.

No. 5 – Disney World raising prices on annual passes, parking

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World for you or the family, it may cost you slightly more than before. As part of a new date based ticket system that was launched this week, the price of an annual Platinum Plus Pass is going up and will now cost $994 while the Platinum Pass will be $894.

Single day tickets will now be done based on the date you are visiting – anywhere between $109 and $129 for a one day, one park ticket. Parking at theme parks will go up three dollars to $25 a day while preferred parking is up five dollars to $50.

No. 6 - Roasted pig's head found in luggage at Atlanta airport

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection beagle got quite the surprise when he discovered a roasted pig's head in some baggage.

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