The Element of Surprise

…plus beating off wrinkles with a stick and a room with a discount view

IT’S ELEMENTAL: Contemporary modern art doesn’t have to be all big red dot paintings and rotten pieces of fruit with toothpicks sticking out of them. And it doesn’t have to cost as much as a new car, either. Thanks to Elemental, you can welcome funky, affordable designs into your home and still make your friends think you’re one of those gallery types who’s all about art for art’s sake. The newly opened store off Lincoln Road features umbrella stands that look like sculptures, sculptures that serve as candlesticks and furniture that’s as fresh as a four-legged horse table. Plus, there’s a bit of humor in every piece—sure to go over your artsy-fartsy friends’ heads. And, if you prefer to shop online, you can score free shipping on orders above $125. 1630 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach; 786.276.5955

THIS IS A STICK UP: Ah, that summer sun. It’s baked and fried you to crispy perfection. Before your epidermis dries up like the Sahara, stick it to your skin with Josie Maran’s Argan Moisturizing Stick. Unlike other moisturizing mends, this balm has as many purposes as you have problems. Use it as a chapstick, fly-away hair fixer, insect-bite improver, cuticle cream and sunburn sting-reliever. We’re sure you’ll find somewhere to stick it. $22, Sephora

TEE TIME: Who says you have to keep your personality all bottled up inside? With brands like Gold Saturn, you can put yourself out there, front and center, on a tee. The local T-shirt brand, known for its quirky slogans, artistic designs and feel-good fabric, recently launched new looks on its site. We’re feeling particularly drawn to the C’est Chic racerback pocket tank. It’s as naughty as it is nice—just like someone else we know. Speaking of nice, the site is offering free shipping on its orders. Ooh la la. $40, Gold Saturn

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