The Faces of People He Met There

New York artist wearing yellow ball on head photographs locals

Bad Brilliance

There’s something about dressing wildly and anonymously and prancing about town taking funny pictures with funny looking folks that is just plain enviable. Bad Brilliance is that brilliant and bad that he has spent the past few years party crashing in a red suit with a yellow ping-pong head which advertises his name. This New York based, multimedia artist has crashed the Miami scene and is putting his best face forward.

Andrew Strasser, the face behind the yellow ball, has been here for the past month, snapping away at locals. His photos, taken while working with the Fountainhead Residency Program, will be shown tonight at the Bas Fisher Invitational along with a video by Jessweos, screen printing by Jasper and music spun by Romulo del Castillo. The exhibition, consisting of pictures of some very  extreme Miamians, was curated by Kathryn Marks. Expect over-sensationalized portraits of South Beachers; Miami fun through an outsiders lens.

The Bas Fisher Invitational is an alternative art space located on 180 NE 39 Street, Suite 210, Buena Vista Building in the Design District. Founded by Hernan Bas and Naomi Fisher five years ago, works by some of Miami’s most impressive artists have been exhibited here. The opening begins at 7 and ends at 10.

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