The Harder They Come

One of the most perfect poolside listening albums is probably, definitely Jimmy Cliff's The Harder They Come. The album is not just listed as one one of Rolling Stone's top 500 greatest albums of all time, it's also a soundtrack to a funny and violent cult movie by the same name. Cliff stars in this 1972, campy flick as a poor Jamaican dude who turns from an aspiring reggae star/lawn guy to one of the country's most wanted and underground stars. Sort of a be careful what you wish for scenario. The film first became popular with midnight audiences and is hailed as one of the first to introduce the world to reggae music.

This amazing soundtrack was adapted for the stage in the UK in 2003, having been written by the film's writer, producer and director, the late Perry Henzell. The theater production is now showing a bit closer to the motherland, opening tonight at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Performed by an impressive ensemble of 16 Jamaican-born singers and musicians, this performance will leave you humming "You Can Get It If You Really Want" for weeks to come. Though the seventies attire may be dated, the songs are purely timeless.

Tickets start at $50 and the show runs through September 13.

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