The Hope Diamond Gets a Fresh Look

In commemoration of Harry Winston's donation of the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institute 50 years ago, his eponymous jewelry company has created three new potential settings for the 45.52 carat stunner.  Its first new 'do since Cartier's creation circa 1911 will be chosen by popular vote, which opens today, and runs through September 7.

The modified-cushion-cut blue diamond, once dubbed "French Blue" by Louis XV during his reign as the jewel's owner, has endured a fabled, albeit allegedly cursed history since its discovery in India in 1653.  The media sensationalized its unlucky lineage of owners with tales of horrible demise upon Cartier's acquisition of the diamond in 1910, and after a quiet 50 years at the Smithsonian, the organization will be producing a documentary about her to air next year.

Meanwhile, bling aficionados can visit Smithsonian's website to vote on their pick for the new setting.  We must say, it's a little hard to imagine a honker like that in the context of a necklace one would wear (is it even considered jewelry?), but we're sure Harry Winston's democratic approach will result in a pretty rockin' new bauble.

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