The Internet Just Got Creepier

Web site lets you talk to strangers

The Internet's creepiness factor just increased by a few megabytes.

We're used to sharing the most inane details of our lives on Facebook (ex. "I just ate the peanut butter." Huh?) and posting pictures of ourselves online for future employers to find and later fire us for.

But just when you think we've run out of Twitterific ideas, here comes an 18-year-old kid named Leif to rock our worlds.

Introducing, a place to chat one-on-one with a completely random stranger.  Apparently his mother never had that talk with him...

At first click Omegle isn't that creepy. That is until you hit that button and enter the chat room. Once inside, you go mano-a-mano with a rando. I tried it out for myself. The "you," obviously, was me:

You: hey there.

You: how's it going?

You: apparently there are no strangers to talk to.

Stranger: wherw do you live

You: i live on the east coast.

You: you?

Stranger: don t write very well

You: ok then. it's been fun. see ya.

So there you go. There was no "Hi." There was no "What's up?" Just: "wherw do you live".  I thought stalkers and serial killers would at least pretend to be kind in order to strike up a conversation.  And just imagine if I had said where I really lived. Yikes.

Anyway, try it and get totally creeped out. I'm going to go take a shower now.

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