The Making of Classics

Event trudges through despite rain

Future Classics lived up to the hype. Beyond the music, it featured live art, ladies with body paint, tons of graffiti and even a half pipe.

The best part was that people actually attended the event in Wynwood Saturday night, despite the ongoing thunderstorms that scattered the city. The weather may have dampened the event but it did not damper it.

With the help of awnings and spirit, the outdoor concerts and festivities trudged through the night. And much of it took place indoors anyway, including inside a large warehouse and a dark ravey DJ interior.

The musicians lived up to their claim of being future classics. On the outside stage, Bachaco shook their fannies and played their hearts out to the pleasure of a wet crowd. The largest corporate sponsor was Red Bull, so maybe everyone was just amped on taurine. Probably not the case though since the bands were solid Miami picks, musicians who actually know how to play and perform.

The entrance line was a bit confusing, as people with tickets had to wait alongside those without, and to get even a Coke, you needed drink tickets. Nothing like having extra drink tickets at the end of the night to make you feel like you spent money unnecessarily. Hopefully it will be better organized next year.

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