The Mutants Are Back

Os Mutantes bring psychedelic whimsy to the Culture Room

There is no better music to party to than that of the Brazilian rock group Os Mutantes. If you know Tropicalia, the colorful, avant garde Brazilian art movement of the 1960s, you know these guys. Their sound is always whimsical, sexy, fun and romantic, mixing psychedelic rock with Bossa Nova and African rhythms.

They reunited for a tour in 2006, sans their leading lady, Rita Lee, rocking the country for the first time since 1978. They still sound just as good as they did years ago. Their energy is solid and even though they’re old-timers, they are still one hundred percent rock ‘n’ roll. The band, whose name means “the mutants” has influenced musicians like Beck and Kurt Cobain.

The expanded ’09 tour is coming to Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale tonight. The tickets are only $22 and the show starts at 7:30.

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