The Netflix Question: What Movie Should Go Musical?

Just because we think that the moment with Gene Kelly, soaked and swinging an umbrella around in a studio-backlot downpour, happens to be the greatest scene ever put to film doesn't mean we're biased toward musicals. It means we're *very* biased toward musicals, those happy, tap-dance-y, shake-it cinematic bon bons that don't come around nearly enough. More musicals, Hollywood!

And in this week's musical-ish headlines...

Netflix posed a question on Twitter that was rather intriguing. What non-musical movies would you like to see turned into musicals? They cite the recent stage success of "Point Break" (still want to catch that one). As for non-musical movies, we've only got one suggestion: "The Shining," with a full-on in-the-maze dance finale.

Fans of swampy love have a treat ahead. The Daily Travel & Deal Blog at the Times reports that Universal Studios is turning "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" into a song-filled spectacular this summer. Hot-weather fun for sure. We can't wait to hear the creature's side of things.

Finally, we've been nattering about the "Nine" trailer all morning. If you haven't seen it, go fulfill your musical-grandiose-Marion-Cotillard-Daniel-Day-Lewis-based longings at once. Our week was sorely lacking in razzmatazz until today.

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