The Room’s Emma on Tending Bar at One of the Last Mom-and-Pop Watering Holes


The British-born bartender known to regulars at The Room as Emma confessed last night that she's still getting used to Miami's bustling nightlife scene even after five years of serving pints to the city's night owls.

"I'm still adjusting," she said with a laugh.

The Room -- one of the "few mom-and-pop places still left in Miami," says Emma -- has stood the test of time because tourists and locals get tired of the hard-partying and constantly shifting club scene. 

"The new scene is more personal and less for the masses," she said of The Room's atmosphere.

"When people first move here, they are very much participants of the [club] scene," Emma continued. "But it's like a kid in a candy store -- after a while they worry about getting diabetes and cavities."

And for those not looking to indulge a sweet tooth, there's always enough to go around. But what Miami does offer is options -- whether it's head bobbing to house music at 5 a.m. or getting cozy while sipping lager on a first date at The Room.

"Miami is whatever you make it," she said. "Miami isn't telling you how to live. You decide that."

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