Loved Ones Search Tirelessly for Stolen Bear Containing Daughter's Ashes

La'Vae was two months old when she died of sudden infant death syndrome in 2016.

A Hollywood mother is heartbroken after thieves stole a teddy bear that holds the remains of her late daughter.

La'Quinta McKinney was moving out of her home Sunday afternoon on North 61st Terrace when someone went to her porch and ripped open bags she had packed things into and took off with clothes, furniture and the special stuffed bear.

“I don’t care about nothing else that they took because all that stuff can be replaced," McKinney broke down in tears when she spoke to NBC 6.

La'Vae was two months old when she died of sudden infant death syndrome in 2016. Her mother had the baby's ashes put into a lace bag with a locket that she keeps inside the stuffed animal.

The family dresses the bear and takes her to special events to keep La'Vae's memory alive.

“She had a personality. She was very feisty," McKinney said. “We cremated her just so we can have her, a piece of her for forever."

Now the mother of three other children says she won’t be complete again without what she has left of the daughter that left her too soon.

“I just want her back," she said. "I just want her back.”

The family is turning to social media for help. McKinney, including her softball team, was out Wednesday night passing out flyers to find the bear. 

“We can't imagine the pain she is going through losing her child and then losing her remains," said Cathy Gonzalez.

The family contacted Hollywood police but say they don’t want any of the other things back and won’t ask any questions if someone returns that bear.

Anyone with information about the theft should contact La'Quinta McKinney at 786-612-0104 or at Aliciaragin24@yahoo.com.

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