Things to Set on Fire

…plus stuff for dudes and discounts, baby, discounts

THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE: If you’ve noticed the glow at Fontainebleau’s Hakkasan, you know it’s coming from Apothia’s Soul Candles. As the official candle of the hotspot eatery, Soul brings an intoxicating scent of African ginger, rich mahogany, deep taboti wood and grains of paradise. You can bring the candle home to recreate the ambiance, but, unfortunately, you can’t bring Alan Yau home to reproduce the meal. $46, Brownes & Co.    

HUF STUFF: Boys and their T-shirts. They go together like PB and J. Like construction workers and catcalls. Like dirty laundry and the bathroom floor. Take your wardrobe to the next level of T-shirt madness with a new line that just made its way to Miami: Huf. It’s skateboard-style-meets-soft-cotton-coolness all wrapped up in a tee complete with fresh graphic elements. Plus, the line has hats to boot. And boots to boot. Go ahead, take a Huf. Starts at $26. Shoe Gallery 244 N.E. First Ave., Miami; 305.371.2063

THE GREAT EBATE: If shopping at department stores is making a void in your wallet, it’s because you aren’t doing it right. Before you log online to purchase something from say, Saks, you need to log on to first. The site actually pays you for the purchases you make online. As they put it, think of it as a finder’s fee. After you rack up points at ebates, they’ll mail you a check for the money you saved. Then you log back on and spend all over again. Shop, save, repeat. Shop, save repeat. Ah, the cycle of life.


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