This Town Needs an Emena

The Design District gets its first spa

You’re shopping for kitchen fixtures in the Design District when suddenly it dawns on you: “I haven’t had a facial in months.” Lucky for you, Emena has six treatment rooms open for business starting this April.

The first spa to hit the Design District, Emena’s namesake comes from the Greek word “me,” (although it sounds a little too much like a service for your other end). Rest assured, Emena will keep things north of your equator with deep tissue massages, blueberry bliss wraps and Power Plate training classes. Emena is even offering a complimentary Power Plate session for clients. Free is good.

By blending beauty treatments with physical training, Owner Christina Kesaris hopes to help you clean up your act from the inside out.  Look for spa to get in on the green effort, too, with eco-friendly fashion accessories, organic skincare products, even vegetable ink-printed materials on recycled paper. Good for you and the environment? Sounds like we could all use an Emena. Give them a ring at 305.438.3777.

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