Tom Green, of “Bum Bum” Fame, Surfaces in Miami

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Public access TV made Tom Green famous, and the Internet is keeping him relevant.

After seemingly fading away, the quirky comedian has resurfaced at where he hosts a "Late Show" style talk show where he's actually landed some notable guests.

Even though the transition from a huge cable network to your very own living room might seem strange to some, Green says he has never been happier.

“When I started, I had a TV show on public access, which was probably the most fun I had on television," said Green, who is in Miami for his World Stand-Up Comedy Tour. "You don’t have that many rules or restrictions — it's nice to be back where I was before.”

And what may seem like a spectacular fall from his days as the host of MTV's "The Tom Green Show" where he rose to stardom with a unique brand of shock comedy, a look at his roster of guests suggests otherwise.

“I have had everyone from Ed McMahon, Jimmy Kimmel, Val Kilmer and Pam Anderson -- she was probably my favorite," he said. "Flavor Flav was great too -- I surprised him and dropped a beat to “bring the noise” and rapped the Chuck D part. Honestly, it was a pretty amazing moment.”

The Canadian comedian will be headlining at the Miami Improv tonight and tomorrow where his fans can expect Green to blend new material with the jokes he became known for.

“They should expect to have a really good time — just a lot of  laughs," he said. "It sort of a combination of different styles of comedy — me making fun of things I see in the world. It’s a very silly comedy show.”

What about the "Bum Bum" song?

“I don’t want to give away all my surprises, but the "Bum Bum "song might be sung tomorrow night, you never know," he said. "My shows are great place to get drunk -- come down, get drunk and have fun.”

Green insists he isn't one of these guys who has reinvented himself and is haunted by his previous persona.

“People always yell, 'Daddy, would you like some sausage?’ ‘Sing the Bum Bum song,’ or they will just start singing the theme song to 'The Tom Green Show,'" he said. "I like it -- it's fun when people remember your stuff. When people are still remembering it 10 years later, it's always great. It's what you inspire to do when you’re making a comedy or sketch show.”

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