Tone Home

WALK IT OUT: It’s less than two weeks away from New Year’s, which means you have, give or take, 12 days to put that get-in-shape resolution into effect. But before you sign up for a gym membership you’ll never use, we suggest strapping on a new pair of kicks and walking your way to a brand new butt. Reebok EasyTone makes toning legs and butts as easy as slipping on your shoes—literally. Wondering how it works? A NASA engineer designed the shoe’s balance pod system with natural instability that scientifically generates up to 28 percent more booty-building activation than ordinary sneaks. Plus, you can log on and design every aspect of your shoe. Custom-made kicks that will firm your fanny, now that’s the kind of workout commitment you can make, and probably stick with, too. It is, after all, as easy as tying your shoes. GET IT: $100-$125.

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