Plastic Surgery Makes Mom Look Like Daughter

This mother has spent close to $15,000 on procedures to look like the daughter 22 years her junior. Creepy anomaly, or trend in the making?

Hey, do you ever go to bars with your mom and have guys use the old "You two could be sisters" line? So do Janet and Jane Cunliffe. Except in their case, there's a very good reason why -- a $15,000 reason, in fact.

That's roughly what Janet Cunliffe spent on plastic surgery procedures with the ultimate goal of looking like her daughter Jane's identical twin, despite their 22-year age difference. Mama Cunliffe was "desperate to look more like my daughter," quotes the Daily Mail, but knew "no wrinkle creams could ever wind back the clock that far." You don't say.

In addition to a drastic diet that helped her drop a few dress sizes to match Jane's svelte size exactly, she underwent operations on her eyes, breasts, nose and lips, and got hair extensions mimicking her daughter's platinum mane. "The way I see it is that she got her looks from me in the first place," the mother added. "Mine have just faded with age." So now the two are mistaken for sisters all the time, and all it took was a dream and $15,000. (Which we figure is just about what the daughter is going to spend in therapy to process her mommy issues.)

This almost makes us miss that "I Want a Famous Face" show. Almost. 

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