Rapper Trina: I Get Babied By the Boys

Rapper Trina gets babied -- not bullied -- by the boys in the male dominated music industry, the artist revealed to Niteside last night backstage at the Tyler Rose fashion show.

"The guys, they got to take care of me," Trina confessed. "When you're the only girl, they kind of tend to pamper you."

"I get babied a lot." 

Trina, a.k.a. Katrina Laverne Taylor, sat in the front row with some pals during the finale of Miami Fashion Week Swim last night. The rapper, whose real name is Katrina Laverne Taylor, said she may venture out West after her album drops next year in search of movie roles. 

Still, the Dade County native who first gained recognition after reciting verses on fellow 305-er Trick Daddy's album, said she has no intention of her forgetting her roots.

"I have lived here all my life -- this is definitely home," she said. "I travel and stay different places, but it is nothing like Miami."

And as far as any other boys in her life, it looks like Trina's mega hit "Single Again" could just be the name of the song -- but either way the rapper said she has no complaints.

"I'm happy," she said.  "I am very happy."

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