True Beach Blood

It's time for a creepy vampire party in Miami

Drag queens in Miami have long carried the same celebrity that reality stars now do for the rest of the country. Miss Elaine Lancaster, the buxom blonde queen, will host the event True Beach Blood tonight at the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club. The name is a clear nod to the creepily popular vampire series, True Blood, but this is Miami, and we make even sinister and bloody partying funny and quirky.

Halloween isn’t just one day of partying, it’s an endless week of experimenting with makeup, cross-dressing, sluttiness and tastelessness. This pre-holiday party will be a chance for you to explore all of these things and also your semi-darker side and vampiric fantasies. If you dress like a blood-sucker, you can consume free drinks all night long. Probably the most exciting and location appropriate part of the event is that drinks will be served by reality stars, yes reality stars themselves, Ariel Stein of Miami Social and VH1’s Erin Newberg, a wanna be bff of Paris Hilton.

There will be a haunted house and the sexiest vampire costume wins a free vacation for two, so get your skimpy cape on and ride out. The party takes place from 9 p.m. to midnight, but there are free cocktails until 10 p.m. and hors d’oeuvres are all night. All proceeds benefit the American Heart Association.

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