Turn It Up

Philips | O'Neill

BLAST IT: If you’re rocking beat up old ear buds that won’t stay in place, listen up. Philips and O’Neill teamed up for headphones that are as crystal clear as they are sturdy. Appropriately named Tested on Animals, the toughest O’Neill team riders gave these four new styles of headphones a thorough test drive to prove they can withstand whatever it is you dish out. Inspired by thick, durable wetsuit materials, The Stretch headphones are impact- and stress-crack resistant, flexible and the toughest in the collaboration’s lineup. There’s also The Snug (flat-folding headphones), The Covert (discreet buds) and The Specked (in-ear buds in a variety of colors), all with top-notch sound-quality and athlete-approved durability. Go ahead, turn it up and get rough. GET IT: $29.99-$99.99 amazon.com.

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