Two Girls, One Circus

Dodge ball, drum circle at Churchill's

Tonight at Churchill’s the event has a somewhat racy title, 2 Girls and 1 Cup Game Show Party. If you don’t know what that’s referencing, it’s better to keep it that way. If you have seen the vile, viral video, best to keep it to yourself.

The party is staring at 9 p.m. and based on other events thrown by the hosts, The Circus, expect people and action. The Circus, known as the Ad-Lib Entertainment Expo, are in charge of filling up the back area of Churchill’s under a red and white circus tent. These guys are always thinking of some interesting activity to entertain the kiddies. This week visitors can play dodge ball. Yes, dodge ball, the game where people beam each other with large balls. Beware.

Musical guests include TUSK, Vladez, Four Savant, Raja Khan and the final performance of Golden Age of Television. For those disinterested in any of these bands and more interested in their own music, there’ll be a jam session and a drum circle.

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