Vould You Like a Vodka?

Pride, delicious drinks on display at Vlada Lounge

Vlada Lounge is keeping gay patriotism alive in the 305 as the newest addition to gay Miami nightlife. 

And if you don't go to show your pride, go for one of the divine drinks.

Similar to its Hell’s Kitchen sibling, they serve signature organic, infused vodkas. There are 16 flavors, including garlic and pepper. The cranberry is delicious and the bartenders will whip you up a mixed cocktail to your liking. There is an ice tray running along the bar where you can rest your drink and keep it as cool as a cucumber. The room is cozy and there is plenty of room out front to puff away. The DJ will be spinning house and gay-friendly pop, so dancing is bound to occur.

This is the one local alternative or the one compliment to Magnum, offering a bit of a younger crowd. The place is dark and well laid out, with plenty of room for booty shaking. Word is there are drag nights a comin’ which will certainly keep the people returning for more shows.

Vlada is located on 3215 NE 2nd Avenue.

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