Songstress V.V. Brown stayed “relaxed” opening for Maroon 5

Songtress Vanessa (aka V.V.) Brown, whose music has been featured in "The City" and "Cougar Town," opened for Maroon 5 last night as part of her biggest American tour to date.  But the British beauty said she managed to keep her jitters at bay.

"I am quite relaxed, actually," Brown told Niteside.  "It's definitely different because America is really massive."

"And it's really, really hot," she laughed.

And the Miami heat isn't the only thing the singer is adjusting to.  Brown - who counts appearances on David Letterman and music on Degrassi as two of her biggest career boosters - admits she is still getting used to the limelight.

"Life has obviously changed, and sometimes it is a bit weird when people treat you like they know who you are," she said.  "I don't really go to all the clubs and bars where there is paparazzi...I am a quite private person."

Still, that doesn't mean Brown doesn't have admiration for other pop stars who do choose to put it all out there, like Lady Gaga.

"I think she is fantastic, she is a great song writer," she said.  "I am not a huge fan of her fashion sense, but I love the fact  she is herself completely and I think she is a true artist and she does what she wants - you have to respect her for that."

As far as her own tunes go, Brown says her next album will likely be more serious than her first - but until then she is looking forward to heading back home after her eight month tour wraps in September.

"I miss London," she admitted. "I miss my cat, my boyfriend and my family...I am looking forward to normality and cups of tea."

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